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Roswell educator announces bid for state school superintendent | News

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Roswell educator announces bid for state school superintendent

ROSWELL, Ga. - Educator Kira Willis announced her candidacy for state school superintendent Tuesday morning. She plans to run in the Republican Primary in May, 2014.

Willis says she feels that the state can do better than it has in the past. She says she will emphasize the need for greater educational choice for Georgians and says she would redirect some of the state's educational spending into the classroom, and more specifically help to raise teacher's salaries.

"Since 1996, we've increased educational spending in Georgia every year but three," said Willis in a statement released Tuesday. "But ask any teacher: They're not seeing it in their classrooms, and they're sure not seeing it in their paychecks. We haven't kept pace with student growth, and we're in the bottom third of per-pupil spending compared to other states."

Willis said school choice is something that is of paramount importance to Georgia's students.

"We need to stop telling students that their educational opportunities are solely based upon their address. I will work to ensure that students in our state have the same educational opportunities no matter where they live," Willis said. "School choice will allow a freer market in Georgia education, using competition to improve all of our schools without taking ANY public monies away from them."

This marks Willis' second run for the office. In 2010, she ran for state school superintendent as a Libertarian.