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Perk-N-Pooch combines coffee shop and dog wash | News

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Perk-N-Pooch combines coffee shop and dog wash

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- At the Perk-N-Pooch in Sandy Springs, many customers come in on all fours.

"I think it's great that you can come, drop your dog off, get coffee, go on an errand and come back," one customer said.

Perk-N-Pooch combines two seemingly unrelated businesses: a coffee shop and a grooming salon.

"People always ask how we came up with that," said co-owner Renee Guerrisi said. and her husband came up with the idea to combine two of their loves.

"We've seen it work in visiting other locations in other states, they've actually done this," Guerrisi said. "We wanted to be the first in Georgia to put the two together..

City code requires some separation between the drinks and the dogs, but there's a service window where you can order from the inside.

"It's worked out great. It's just getting people acclimated to how this works, cause they're like, can I take my dog in there? No, but you can enjoy your coffee out here," Guerrisi said.

There are self-wash stations and groomers on staff, plus plenty of room to relax with the whole family.

Coiffed canines and caffeine -- an unusual combination that could catch on.

Perk-N-Pooch is located at 6690 Roswell Road, Suite 360.