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One-year old's life saved by a plumber | News

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One-year old's life saved by a plumber

ROSWELL, Ga -- Ryan Corly was in the right place at the right time. The Roswell mother of a one year old girl thinks Corly is a hero because of it.

Corly is a plumber who works for Creative Multicare of Stockbridge, GA. Thursday night he was working on a water leak at the Roswell Concept 21 apartments on Old Holcomb Bridge Road when he heard a mother screaming.

It was Sylvia Reed who was frantic after her daughter Jalia stopped breathing. "And I ran to the balcony and I screamed to the top of my lungs somebody help me, my child is not breathing, she's dying, somebody please help me, cause she had turned blue," Reed said.

Corly dropped what he was doing and ran up to Reed's apartment while his co-worker Chris Hunt called 911. When he ran into the apartment he saw Jalia on the couch. "She wasn't breathing at all at that point when I had got up there," he said. "She wasn't gasping for air or trying to take any breaths or anything."

Corly said he has taken two CPR classes but was uncomfortable performing it on an infant. He got on the phone with the 911 operator who talked him through it. "All I could think of is I hope this baby doesn't die in front of me," Corly said.

"We ended up doing CPR on her and probably within a few minutes after that she started gasping for air," Corly said.

"All I remember is that last pump he did and I heard that 'waaah'," Reed said. "I can't explain how a mother feels when you think your baby is dying and when you hear that cry."

Jalia's crying was the sweetest sound her mother ever heard. Thanks to Ryan Corly, the plumber, the hero. "He was a hero to step up and at least try," Reed said. "And he tried and he revived my baby."

"I don't think I was a hero," Corly said. "I just think I was here at the right time."

Reed said doctors told her Jalia had a seizure and will be okay. Because Corly reacted so quickly there was no permanent damage from lack of oxygen.

Reed said everything was so hectic that she didn't get a chance to thank Corly. She said she didn't even remember what he looked like and was afraid she wouldn't see him again.

But on Friday Corly came back to finish the plumbing job. Reed came outside to look for him. She first stopped his co-worker Hunt and asked if he was the one who saved her daughter. "And he said no, that guy's over there," Reed said. She walked over and gave Corly a big hug.

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