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DUI speaker gives sobering message to Roswell High students | Crime

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DUI speaker gives sobering message to Roswell High students
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DUI speaker gives sobering message to Roswell High students

ROSWELL, Ga. -- In April of 2000, Chris Sandy was a typical 22-year-old until he made a decision that changed his life, as well as the lives of several others, forever.

Now, Sandy is sharing his story with young people in the hope that it allows them to learn from his mistake.

Last month, he spoke to the upperclassmen at Roswell High School. The school gym was virtually silent as Sandy talked about the consequences of his choice to drink and drive.

On that fateful night in 2000, Sandy was driving 77 miles per hour when he hit another car, splitting it in half and dragging it nearly 100 feet down the road. The elderly couple in the other car was killed.

Sandy was sentenced to nine years -- "3,117 days" -- in prison. He put this number in perspective for the Roswell students.

"Think about all that has happened to you since you were in fourth or fifth grade. That is how much that I missed," he said.

Sandy explained that his life was not the only one that was ruined that night. He talked about the victims' families, his own parents and the younger sister who idolized him when they were children. Now, his sister wants nothing to do with him.

Rather than look for sympathy, Sandy tried to show the students what could happen if they make poor decisions.

"I have someone supervising me," he said. "I have a parole officer. I must keep a job. Every month, I have to pay a fee. If I do not meet one of these requirements, I will be right back in prison."

Sandy's visit was sponsored by Roswell High's chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).

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