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River Eves Student's Art Featured in Coloring Book | Arts & Culture

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River Eves Student's Art Featured in Coloring Book
River Eves Student's Art Featured in Coloring Book

ROSWELL, GA -- River Eves Elementary School now has a famous artist in its midst.

Third grader Dylan Fawley's drawing of cartoon character Drippy Dropperson was one of 12 winning pictures that will appear in the 2011 Drippy Dropperson coloring book.

Dylan chose to depict Drippy Dropperson taking a quick shower ("5 minutes or less!") to conserve water.

The Drippy Dropperson coloring book is the City of Roswell's way of illustrating aspects of water conservation in a manner that makes sense to children. The book is distributed to the community through schools, doctors' offices, restaurants and retailers.

Every year, Roswell students in third, fourth and fifth grade are challenged to design pictures of the character protecting water. The city received over 250 entries for this year's 12 spots.

"This contest is an excellent way to reinforce the concepts of water conservation that we teach at school," said Neil Pinnock, principal of River Eves Elementary. "We are honored to have one of our students' work featured in the coloring book this year."

Dylan and his fellow winners were honored at an awards ceremony on Monday, Feb. 28 at Roswell City Hall, where they were congratulated by Mayor Jere Wood, Georgia Senator John Albers and the Roswell City Council.

"It's really cool that other kids will be able to color in my drawing!" said Dylan.