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Undercover Investigation Catches Concert Ticket Counterfeiter | Business

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Undercover Investigation Catches Concert Ticket Counterfeiter

Our Center for Investigative Action puts the brakes on a problem that's been plaguing the Atlanta area. Counterfeit tickets.

We got involved because you asked for help. Over the summer we've received numerous complaints on our tip line from viewers who bought counterfeit tickets, for everything, from Six Flags Amusement Park, to all kinds of concerts.

That's why we launched an undercover investigation that began months ago.

It's not an easy case to crack, because there are many culprits counterfeiting tickets and they tend to move around and change phone numbers. In order to get to the problem we had to start small. That's why we focused our attention on one man, Jackson Sneed.

"You know it's really sad because I thought he was cool. He was a musician and an artist." I totally trusted him," Laurie Schrader said in describing Sneed. She says he sold her fake tickets for the Dukes of September August concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Alpharetta.

"They confiscated the ticket at the gate," Stephanie Rowland said about Phish tickets she bought from Sneed for the Phish concert in July.

Both women tell a similar story. They say they responded to ads on craigslist and met Sneed at local gas stations to buy the tickets. They were Ticketmaster tickets called FastTickets, which you can buy online and print on a home computer. They say they trusted the tickets were good because they were in Sneed's mother's name, Mary Catherine Sneed.

However, Alpharetta police told us, the box office at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre confiscated 52 tickets in the name of Mary Catherine Sneed, the night of the Phish concert. As for the Dukes of September concert, according to a police report, filed by Schrader, 8 different pairs of tickets that were identical to hers were confiscated. Yet in spite of a police investigation it didn't stop.

For several months we monitored Craigslist looking for signs of Sneed selling more tickets. We discovered he was at it again.

Sept. 18 Craigslist ad (Click to enlarge)

This time using different phone numbers while trying to sell tickets for an upcoming Rush concert.

More Rush Tix Craigslist ad (Click to enlarge)

What Sneed didn't know is we were making undercover buys from him using a hidden camera until we caught him trying to sell us the same tickets twice.

30 year old Jackson Sneed is now facing multiple charges of forgery in the first degree. Police say Sneed faced arrest warrants in several jurisdictions including Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett and Henry Counties as well as Atlanta, Roswell and Alpharetta were the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre is located.

Watch our undercover video in the story to the right to see how we did it.

After our we confronted Sneed he started texting and emailing us taking responsibility for his actions and telling us he was going to "turn himself in" and he was getting "what's lookin like my last meal for a while". He says "he's *expletive removed), and doing to jail, I know that..."

Click here to see the entire text conversation between Sneed and the CIA team the day after we confronted him. 

Below is an email he wrote to us several weeks later, on October 15th, the day he was supposed to appear for his first court appearance.


I got your message and if you can keep this dialog between the two of us then I would be willing to DISCUSS the possibility of going public with you. Another thing I would ask is that you please leave my Mother out of this whole ordeal. She is not going to "go public" and honestly trying to get in touch with her, let alone trying to get some type of statement from her is an exercise in futility. If you want to keep this story alive, then I would ask that you just talk to me. I am asking you this as a "personal" request. My family is already in enough turmoil due to my actions, and anything I can do to keep them out of it I will try my hardest.

I believe that there is the possibility of turning this disaster into something that may not be best described as "positive," but could maybe reach the ears of someone who needs to hear what type of consequences come from irresponsible and impulsive behavior due to the poison that is prescription pain medication. Don't take that statement and run with some slant-edit mention of this email, because as I said, I think I would be willing to talk to you and clear the air by filling it with the truth regarding what has happened.
I am going to be insanely busy today until about 4pm, but I'll be checking by email all day so give me a shout back and let me know if you'll be around after then and we can get on the phone and make a plan.

Thanks, and I apologize for any harsh words I may have thrown at you these past few weeks.

- Jackson Sneed
(404) 397-XXXX *(Phone number removed)
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