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Transportation Improvements in Roswell Historic District | Transportation

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Transportation Improvements in Roswell Historic District
Transportation Improvements in Roswell Historic District

ROSWELL, GA -- The Roswell Department of Transportation (RDOT) will be making a number of transportation improvements in the Historic District along Canton Street in the new year.

On Friday, Jan. 7, the direction of Plum Street (between Green Street and Canton Street) will reverse and become a one-way eastbound lane. This will increase business visibility for merchants on Green Street and help to improve circulation in the area.

A pilot pedestrian safety program will be added to the crosswalk near the Fickle Pickle (1085 Canton Street).

This program, called "Take It to Make It," has been launched successfully in other cities around the country. It introduces hand-held florescent flags that pedestrians can carry while crossing at crosswalks to increase visibility to drivers, providing greater safety for the pedestrian.

If found successful, the program, sponsored by the Canton Street Merchant Association, may be duplicated in additional high pedestrian areas where vehicle speeds are 30 mph or less.

Additionally, after the winter holiday shopping season, two parking spaces in front of The Chandlery will be filled in to provide additional sidewalk/pedestrian access in the popular shopping area.

For more information about Roswell transportation improvements, visit the RDOT Web site.